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Quantify and Prioritize Cybersecurity 

Get an accurate view of your organization's cyber risk exposure, and prioritize areas that require the most attention

Build a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Our experts create a customized strategic plan to help our customers defend against real cyber-attacks

Real-World Gap Analysis and Prioritization

Our unique approach is based on real-world offensive and defensive experience, providing actionable recommendations to improve an organization's cybersecurity posture

Practical Hands-On Approach

We take a practical hands-on approach to risk assessments, prioritizing real-world threats over academic or theoretical ones

Risk Assessments and Strategic Planning

Achieving Real-World Cybersecurity Resilience

Want to know where your organization stands in terms of cyber risk?
Our Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning service gives you a clear picture of where you are and where you need to be by taking a practical hands-on approach rather than an academic and theoretical approach like most risk assessments out there. We assess the real situation against real threats and build a realistic strategic plan to help the organization defend against real attacks.

Key Service Features

Customized Risk Assessment

We work with our customers to understand their unique risks and needs to provide them with a comprehensive risk assessment

Risk Prioritization

We identify, analyze, and prioritize cybersecurity risks to help our customers focus on the areas that are most critical to their business

Realistic Strategic Planning

Our practical, hands-on approach to strategic planning helps organizations defend against real-world cyber-attacks

Offensive and Defensive Experience

Our work is based on real-world offensive and defensive experience, providing our customers with a unique and effective risk management plan

Comprehensive Reports and Debriefing

We provide detailed and actionable reports with a debriefing session to help our customers better understand the current situation and prioritize the next steps

Ongoing Support

Our experts provide ongoing support to help our customers maintain and advance their risk management capabilities

Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Future

Contact us today or schedule a free consultation with one of our strategic cybersecurity experts.

Know Your Risks, Defend Your Business

Contact us today or schedule a free consultation with one of our strategic cybersecurity experts.


What is a risk assessment

A risk assessment is a process of identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organization's assets and evaluating the potential impact of those risks

How does a risk assessment work?

Our service works by taking a practical, hands-on approach to assess real-world threats, identify gaps, and prioritize risks to create a realistic strategic plan for defending against real-world cyber-attacks

What is included in a risk assessment?

A risk assessment includes an analysis of potential threats, gaps, and the likelihood and impact of those risks to happen

Why is risk assessment critical?

Risk assessment is critical to help organizations identify and mitigate potential cyber risks, prioritize their resources, and build a comprehensive defense against real-world threats

How is risk prioritized?

Risks are prioritized based on likelihood, impact, and potential exposure, to help our customers focus on areas of greatest risk

How does strategic planning help?

Strategic planning helps our customers build a realistic and effective plan to defend against actual real-world cyber-threats

What is the experience of the team?

Our team has the real-world offensive and defensive experience required to provide actionable recommendations to improve our customers' cybersecurity posture

Our organization engaged Cyber Way for its Risk Assessment service, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Their team's practical, hands-on approach, grounded in real-world offensive and defensive experience, gave us a clear understanding of our cyber risk landscape. Cyber Way's expertise and actionable recommendations have significantly strengthened our cybersecurity resilience.

CISO at an Insurance Company

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